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Garage Flooring & Storage Solutions

Whether you need flooring or storage solutions, we can provide you with excellent and effective ways to bring your garage space to life.

Offering Solutions

Your garage is the most versatile space in your home. It serves as a main entry point to your home, place to park your car, storage facility for seasonal items, and possibly a construction shop. Since garages serve so many different purposes, it can be challenging to figure out how to make your space function to best serve your needs. At Waterloo Garage Doors, we’re here to offer solutions.

Garage Flooring

When our cars are not parked in our garage, the first thing that catches our eye is the flooring. A functional solution to improve the durability and cleanliness of your floors is to have an epoxy coating professionally applied.

Epoxy flooring minimizes dust and debris. If there is an oil or gas spill in your garage, an epoxy floor ensures that it can easily be cleaned instead of stained. Finishes are available that ensure no moisture will come through your concrete, so your garage floor won’t get wet and slippery during the cooler and inclement months of the year. Other finishes offer customizations for colour and design.

Overhead Storage & Cabinets

With so many miscellaneous items finding their way into our garages, things can pile up over time. At Waterloo Garage Doors, we offer a variety of overhead storage units and storage cabinets to help organize your old files, holiday decorations, and sports equipment, so you can maximize this valuable square footage.

Slat Wall

Organize the mess in your garage by investing in a slat wall system. Slat walls are versatile and easily configured, so your needs are customized to store tools, seasonal items, sports equipment and more.

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