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Improving Functionality

Functionality and convenience are key to making the most out of your garage space. Whether you are looking to lift your car to make space for another, lift your outdoor gear off the ground with a click of a button, or create more storage space in your garage, hobby hoists may be the solution to improve the functionality and convenience of your garage.

Gator elevators

Are you looking to create more floor space in your garage?
Gator Hoists store bikes in the unused overhead ceiling space which frees up your garage floor. With a click of a button, your bikes will be lifted off the ground while simultaneously creating more space for storage. 

Platform hoists are perfect for storing gardening equipment, storage containers, seasonal decorations, sports equipment, and more. By utilizing the unused overhead ceiling space, every space in your garage from floor to ceiling can be functional.

Overhead Storage & Cabinets

With so many miscellaneous items finding their way into our garages, things can pile up over time. At Waterloo Garage Doors, we offer a variety of overhead storage units and storage cabinets to help organize your old files, holiday decorations, and sports equipment, so you can maximize this valuable square footage.

Slat Wall

Organize the mess in your garage by investing in a slat wall system. Slat walls are versatile and easily configured, so your needs are customized to store tools, seasonal items, sports equipment and more.